350ml TDT Aloe vera Drink with Grape

Product Type. 350ml TDT Aloe vera Drink with Grape
Type Fresh Juice
Packaging Details carton or boxes
Volume (L) 350 ml
Lead Time Within 15-20 days
Flavors available Not From Concentrate
Place of Origin Vietnam
Certification FSSC, BRC, FDA, HACCP, ISO
OEM services YES
Brand Name OH, TDT, OEM
Primary Ingredientend Natural Aloe Vera
Packaging Pet Bottle
Shelf Life 18 Months
Preservatives None
Port: Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam


350ml TDT Aloe vera Drink with Grape

1. Improves Digestion

Aloe vera has compounds called polysaccharides that have the ability to cure a host of digestive disorders and ulcers. Ulcers are one of the most prominent consequences of digestive problems that are effectively cured by this plant extract. Many studies have proven that it cures issues like Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcers, and other digestive tract disorders. If you suffer from ulcers and consume aloe vera extract for at least 3 – 4 weeks, you will surely notice positive results.

2. Boosts Immunity

Beverages made with aloe vera juice possess natural detoxifying properties that effectively cleanse the digestive system and the circulatory system. As the absorption level of nutrients accelerates, it results in better blood circulation and also improves health. When the blood is oxygen-rich, it automatically provides nutrients within the cells more proficiently. These healthy cells ensure your body’s ability to ward off infections, thereby strengthening your immune system. It has the capability to neutralize harmful bacteria and its rejuvenating properties work within your body to keep it fresh and active throughout the day.

3. Inhibits Cancerous Growth

Aloe vera contains some effective macrophages that produce huge volumes of nitric oxide, which has antitumor potential.Many studies have shown that these antitumor and immunomodulatory properties are due to the presence of polysaccharides in aloe vera. However, some experts say that, when used alone, it may not be very effective in advanced cases, so a combination of herbs like spirulina, cat’s claw, and therapies like intravenous vitamin C should also be included. It is always advisable to start any kind of cancer treatment after consulting a physician.

4. Heals Side Effects of Radiotherapy

During a cancer treatment, radiotherapy is inevitable in most cases. Cancer patients often experience uncomfortable side effects due to radiotherapy. According to a study cited in Radiation Oncology, aloe vera application helps prevent the acute skin side effects in patients treated with radiotherapy for breast cancer. It also accelerates healing. If you drink aloe juice in such conditions, it will also help you in healing the radiation burns.


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